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Professional Window Cleaning in Utah & Salt Lake Counties

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Comprehensive Window Cleaning

We clean your screens, frames, sills and remove hard water deposits for FREE as part of our basic service.

“Window washing college students come and go and I decided I needed more consistency . . . and I’ve been super impressed by them!”

Don Watkins – Former Mayor (Alpine, UT)

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Get Your Windows Cleaned with State of the Art Pure Water

Our window cleaning method is environmentally friendly, and does not leave a sticky film on your windows.

Receive First Class Window Cleaning Service

We take great pride in leaving you with perfectly clean windows and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Have Your Windows Cleaned by Experienced Professionals

We provide residential and commercial window cleaning to Utah residents. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

We Use Pure Water


To produce clean windows of the highest standard, Reflect-O-Tron keeps up to date with the latest and most effective methods in the window cleaning industry. That is why we use pure water technology when we clean your windows. This method includes the use of a water-fed pole and an advanced three stage water filtration system. This method is transforming window cleaning into an industry with high-tech equipment and state of the art results.

Our three stage water filtration system consists of an activated carbon and reverse osmosis filter as well as a deionization tank. Our system takes Utah’s extremely hard water and removes all minerals and other dissolved solids leaving only pure water on your windows. With no minerals in the water, your glass will dry completely spot free.

This window cleaning method does not require detergents, which is environmentally friendly, and does not leave a film on your windows, helping your windows remain cleaner much longer than traditional window cleaning methods.


“I knew my window was dirty, but when you compare it to what it looks like after being cleaned by Reflect-O-Tron Window Cleaning, it really is a night and day difference! There was so much hard water buildup that the window almost looked frosted over. After Nate came and cleaned it, it looks like there isn’t even glass there. Huge difference!!”

Angie Gardner – Lehi, UT

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First Class Window Cleaning


There are many reasons why having clean windows benefits you as a home or business owner. The first and foremost being the effect in appearance to your home or office. Clean windows help you make an elaborate first impression. The state of your property, including your windows, reflects on you. Window cleaning is a dramatic way to make your home or office look strikingly clean, and it will make your whole property stand out as luxurious and well maintained.

It is the perfect maintenance to be performed if you are preparing for a party, expecting relatives, friends, business clients, or you just want to go the extra mile to make your property stand out! As Utah’s premier local window cleaning company, we take great pride in leaving you with brilliantly clean windows and a convenient first-class service experience.


“Thorough, professional, great at communicating, and caring! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get their window’s cleaned. Only disappointment was, he was not an actual robot, but he worked like one. ;)”

Shellie Linfesty – Lehi, UT

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Proud Members of the Window Cleaning Resource Association

The WCRA helps professional window cleaners build and sustain healthy businesses while achieving the highest standards of workmanship. We are super pleased to be an approved member of the WCRA.

We Carry $1 Million in Liability Insurance for Your Protection

Many things can go wrong when you place your home and property in the hands of a service technician. Only work with fully insured window cleaning professionals. We carry $1 million in liability insurance.

We Are Proud to Have Served In Our Country’s Military

As service members, we feel our military training gives us a leg up on the competition. Leadership, teamwork, mission-orientation, and execution are a few of the attributes you can expect from Reflect-O-Tron.