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Alpine Window Cleaning

Reflect-O-Tron is proud to serve the city of Alpine Utah! We’re just a phone call away and can provide you with a FREE estimate in under 30 minutes. We provide unparalleled customer service at a competitive price. We use only the finest tools and cutting edge technology. Our Window Cleaning Professionals are courteous and will leave your windows sparkling. Trust Reflect-O-Tron with your window cleaning needs and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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What Our Customers Say

This company does excellent work. We have had our windows professionally washed before but never to this level of perfection. In the past the windows still had hard water spots after cleaning but this time the windows were perfectly clear. No spots at all. . . . I highly recommend them!

Kimberly K.

I can’t say enough about this company. The technician was professional, clean, and wore booties inside my house to avoid getting my carpets dirty. I will be adding spring window cleaning to my regularly scheduled house maintenance and will be using Reflect-O-Tron again.

Suzanne P.

I struggle to get my front window clean since my irrigation water system hits most of the window. . . . I was thrilled with [the] results. My windows have never been so crisp and clear. With how easy they were to work with and such quick response time, I would highly recommended you save yourself the hassle and time and give them a try.

Carina W.

My front window has driven me nuts ever since we moved in because it was covered in a nasty hard water stain from our sprinkler and I was unsuccessful at ever being able to clean it. Now it’s sparkling! My husband and I keep looking and at it and just saying, wow! [They were] very professional and kind. We’d definitely use them again.

Rebekah P.