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Professional Window Cleaning in American Fork

A Better way to Clean Windows

A window isn’t just a pane of glass–it’s your portal to the rest of your neighborhood. We keep your view clear and beautiful by replacing regular soap–which leaves spotty residue after it dries–with a biodegradable, USDA approved pure-water solution that filters Utah’s hard minerals from regular tap water. And when we clean with it, we go over every window surface twice: scrubbing and rinsing simultaneously with a uniquely designed cleaning apparatus.

Great Service–Because American Fork Deserves it.

We earned our customer’s respect, return business, and a five star rating on Google Reviews and Yelp by caring for the property we’re commissioned to clean. We wear booties whenever we enter your home, and we use a cleaning technique that protects your furniture from dripping.

When a Reflect-O-Tron cleaner is finished cleaning your windows, they’ll leave your property in the same condition they found it in.

Safety First

We protect your property and our washer’s safety using a water-fed wash pole that eliminates the need for ladders.

Taking Your Dollars Further

We want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck, so every time you order window cleaning with Reflect-O-Tron, we add in free screen cleaning.

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Our service is 100% guaranteed. If you feel like your service is less than exceptional, we’ll come back and do it again.

Why Reflect-O-Tron?

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