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Hard Water Stain Removal

Utah is home to some very hard water! Mineral staining on your windows is the result of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water slowly being deposited on the surface of your windows over time. Sprinkler over-spray is the primary culprit and basement windows seem to take the brunt of hard water’s damaging effects. We’re the experts at hard water removal and can even make the most hopeless windows shine like new! If you have windows that have been impacted by Utah’s hard water, you’re in luck! We include FREE hard water removal in all of our packages!

Our Hard Water Removal Process

No secrets here! Just a lot of old fashioned elbow grease… And the right tools of course.

  1. First, we clean your windows using our standard window cleaning process to remove any caked-on dirt and grime.
  2. Then, we apply a solution of soapy water and oxalic acid to the glass.
  3. Using gentle pressure and #0000 steel wool, we scrub the glass to cut through and remove the mineral deposits.
  4. We again use our standard window cleaning process to clean the glass and bring it to its former glory.

We’ve never encountered a window we couldn’t restore!

The Results Are Clear

Lehi Utah Hard Water Stain Removal
Lehi Utah Hard Water Stain Removal
Lehi Utah Hard Water Stain Removal
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