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Pure-Water Window Cleaning in Lehi

Cleaning Technology Designed for You

Innovation improves lives. It’s why we made it the foundation of our company. Every time we visit a home or business we bring the latest window-cleaning tools and methods with us. They’re safer for your property, more cost efficient, and better for the environment.

High windows. High standards.

Traditional washing has cleaners lean ladders up against your property, carefully navigating around your high windows and roof. It’s dangerous for them and can damage your property. We at Reflecto-O-Tron use a better method—we leverage long water fed poles that thoroughly scrub and clean your second and third story windows without endangering our employees or your exterior walls.

Overcoming Utah’s Hard Water

Cities like Lehi are victims of Utah’s hard, mineral rich water. Untreated, Utah County’s tap water leaves smears when used as a cleaning agent and causes hard, flaky white mineral deposits to form along the edges of your windows.

To soften and prepare the water for window cleaning, Reflect-O-Tron uses a three step pure-water process:

  1. We run water through an activated carbon filter
  2. We then clean it again using a reverse osmosis filter
  3. Finally, we use a deionization tank

This process means that after we’ve thoroughly cleaned your home’s windows, they stay clearer and cleaner longer.

Why Reflect-O-Tron?

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