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Provo Area Window Cleaning

Look Outside Your Window

Warm, green summers. Snowy winters. Rainy springs and falls. Utah’s four distinct seasons are why many of us choose to live in our mountain state.

But that very same weather wreaks slow, steady havoc on our windows. Thin layers of grime build up over the years, and calcium deposits sneak into the corners and along the edges.

Reflect-O-Tron combines the latest window cleaning technologies with Utah’s timeless work ethic so that the friends and neighbors we serve can see those four beautiful seasons through perfectly clean windows.

Pure-Water Window Cleaning

Safe, respectful work and sparkling windows — those are our promises to the people of Provo. To deliver them, we employ pure-water technology systems, including:

  • Simultaneous scrub and rinse cleaning tools that eliminate sticky soap residue and protect your screens from residual dirt and dust.
  • A professional-grade, non-detergent cleaning solution that filters streak-causing minerals from tap water.
  • Water-fed wash poles that let us clean up high without using ladders. This protects the exterior of your home and keeps our washers safe.

Serving the People of Provo

The citizens of Provo are our neighbors, and we’ve taken steps to make sure our service reflects that. Our cleaners wear booties when working in your home. They wash with a streakless, no-drip technique to protect your furniture and floors. And in the small chance of an accident, Reflect-O-Tron maintains $1M in liability insurance.

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Why Reflect-O-Tron?

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