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Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

There’s nothing like sparkling, clean windows to improve the overall look of your home, office, or store front. We’ll let the light back into your space by cleaning your windows to our ridiculously high standards. We’re passionate about cleaning windows! Our top-notch professional window cleaners are clean cut, background checked, courteous, and pleasant to be around. We wear shoe covers and use drop clothes where applicable. Our goal is to leave no trace except perfectly transparent windows.

“The employees who cleaned my windows were terrific! They were friendly, careful, thorough, and efficient. They even wore shoe protectors in my home and carefully moved furniture to remove screens from the inside. The finished work is beautiful and sparkling clean!”

Ila Devereaux – Lehi, UT

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Comprehensive Window Cleaning

When you choose Reflect-O-Tron, you are enlisting the most comprehensive window cleaning service in Utah! We don’t merely clean your glass and leave. We clean your screens, frames, sills, and remove hard water stains too.

Glass Cleaning

This is the most important part of our service. You’ll kick yourself for not hiring us earlier. Clean windows let in more light and brighten the mood of your entire household.

Screen Cleaning

Most window washing services charge an additional fee to have your screens washed. We shudder to think of putting dirty screens into pristine windows. That’s why we decided to include it FREE of charge.

Hard Water Removal

Hard water removal is included as part of our service FREE of charge! Feel confident knowing that your windows will be crystal clear when we’re finished with them!

Frame and Sill Cleaning

To complete the process, we wipe down your window frames and sills to give them that polished, strikingly clean appearance.

Our Window Cleaning Process

Window cleaning isn’t rocket science, but it IS harder than it looks! A professional window cleaner can achieve superior streak-free results in less time than someone inexperienced in the craft. We use the following method for most windows:

  1. We remove your screens.
  2. We flush and scrub your screens with our specially designed screen washer.
  3. We remove excess dust, debris, and cobwebs with a brush before getting your window wet.
  4. We soap your glass with a professional detergent and an applicator (also called a mop) to remove the majority of the dirt and grime.
  5. We scrub your glass using fresh #0000 steel wool to remove any stubborn foreign material.
  6. We squeegee your glass to remove 99.9% of the water from the surface of the window.
  7. We detail your window frame with a clean, dry surgical towel to remove any remaining water.
  8. We wipe down your window tracks and sill with an absorbent micro fiber towel.
  9. We reinstall your screens after they have sufficiently dried.
Lehi Utah Corner Window Cleaning

Water Fed Pole (WFP)

In most cases, we employ our water fed pole system for your exterior windows. The water fed pole uses three stages of filtration to remove nearly all the mineral content from the water. This makes it possible for exterior windows to air dry with a crystal-clear, spot-free finish.

Lehi Utah Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning

Our Pure Water Technology Has Several Key Benefits:

  1. We use a telescopic carbon fiber pole that can reach windows up to 3 stories high. It’s much safer as it eliminates the need for nearly all work at height. Ladders and walking around on roof tops is almost extinct!
  2. Since ladders are rarely used, we have gained tremendous efficiency on exterior window cleaning. We’ve amazed ourselves with how we’ve been able to achieve superior results in less time.
  3. Finally, widows cleaned with the water fed pole stay cleaner longer as there’s no sticky soap used in the process. Traditional window cleaning methods leave a microscopic layer of soap residue that attracts dirt, pollen, and other airborne contaminants.

5 Day Rain Guarantee

You can feel confident scheduling your window cleaning service with our 5 day rain guarantee! If rain or snow affects your windows within five days of your service, we’ll come back and clean your windows at no cost to you.

Additional Services

Extra services can be added at an additional charge:

  • Window sealer application
  • Track lubrication

Recurring Window Cleaning Service

If you’d like to keep your home looking great, without having to remember to schedule each time, we highly recommend signing up for our recurring window cleaning service.

Reflect-O-Tron Window Cleaning