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Window Screen Repair

Are your window screens looking worse for the wear? Window screens are an important element to the design intent of residential windows. There’s nothing worse than not being able to open your windows for fear of insects coming into your home. Whether your window screens are simply old and brittle or damaged from pets (typically of the feline variety), we can fix them! We don’t apply a patch to your screens. We replace the entire fiber glass mesh!

Our Screen Repair Process

Proper window screen repair starts with the right tools and materials.

  1. First, we remove the old rubber spline using a pair of needle nose pliers. With extremely old window screens, the spline material must be dug out with a specialized pick.
  2. With the spline removed, the screen material can be removed freely from the frame.
  3. We cut a new piece of screen material slightly over-sized to fit your existing frame.
  4. Next, with the new screen placed over the frame, we work a new spline into the frame’s groove using a specialized tool. The tension on the screen material needs to be just right. Too loose and the screen will be unappealing. Too much tension can cause the frame to bow.
  5. We trim the excess screen material from the frame.

Missing a Window Screen?

No worries! Our skilled Technicians can build entirely new window screens from scratch. Using brand new aluminum framing cut to fit your specific window opening, we’ll build a new window screen to perfectly match the original. Let the fresh air into your home with confidence!

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